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Melissa Zenteno (she/her)

Owner of Vacation With Melissa

Travel Specialist

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About Me

I am the proud owner of a full-service travel agency that specializes in All-Inclusive Vacations to the Caribbean, Mexico, Disney Resorts, Popular Cruise Lines and much more.

I have been a Travel Specialist for over seven years servicing clients from all over the world. My team and I’s passion for travel and our commitment to providing exceptional customer service has allowed us to build a loyal client base that trusts us to plan their dream vacations year after year.

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Sandra Nieto

I joined Vacation with Melissa about a year and half ago. Melissa has been a great mentor since joining her team. She is always available to answer any questions I may have and help with her guidance. Melissa shares with us her expertise and experience in the industry to make sure we offer our clients the best experience with the agency. She is very passionate and dedicated to make sure we give our clients the best options for what they are looking for in their vacation. I look forward to continuing working with her and being part of her team.

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Christina Rivera

From the very beginning you made me feel as if I could accomplish a lot with only knowing so little. You pushed me to learn the systems and customer service skills. I think the training in the beginning could have been a bit more enforced before taking on leads. I know you knew I could handle the load and I believe I did.

You have been amazing with being available for my 101 questions. Everytime something came up you made sure to assure me that you were at my side for assistance. I still till this day will ask you a ton of questions and you are always available. I love that as an agency owner you are open to all the reasons we as agents are doing this. Whether it's for extra money or to open our own agency's down the road. You send us all the training available and make sure that we have all those direct connections. Pushing us to go to conventions and fams as well.

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Cristina Guzman

Life as a travel advisor with Melissa as my mentor has been an adventure to say the least. To think that this was something I started as a part time thing and has now been my whole life. The support that I have had through this whole process is unmatched. At any moment that I have a question she is there to answer and offer her support. She steps if I may be unavailable at the time. In this line of work I've learned that you have to have someone in your corner and she always is. I can say this job comes with its many battles as in any job you may have but it has been by far my favorite. Thanks Melissa for your continued support as we continue to grow together.

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Delia Medina

I have been working with Melissa for about a year as one of her travel advisors. When I started, I felt a little overwhelmed because there is so much to learn. However, because of Melissa’s guidance and quick response to help with any issues that I encountered, I soon started to feel more confident. She is always available when I need her. I am very happy to be a part of Vacation With Melissa and to have Melissa as my mentor and agency owner. Her love of travel and expertise make all the difference in the world. I am confident that with Melissa as my mentor I will have a long term successful career in the travel industry.

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Arlene Santiago

Melissa Zenteno, agency owner for Vacation with Melissa has led me into the travel business with great mentorship and guidance. She has made herself readily available to answer any and all questions and has also provided great tips on how best to navigate all possible scenarios with her vast knowledge and expertise. I look forward to continuing learning and growing my business under her guidance!

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Current Opportunities

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Career In Travel Training Program is a fantastic opportunity for individuals looking to kickstart their career in the exciting world of travel. This program is carefully curated to provide a comprehensive introduction to the travel industry, covering all the essential aspects that one needs to know to succeed.

Our entry-level training is the perfect starting point for those eager to explore the diverse opportunities within the travel sector. By enrolling in our 4-week course, you will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge that will set you on the path to success. Additionally, our in-person orientation in Hillside, IL, along with two live Zoom meetings, will ensure that you receive personalized attention and guidance throughout the program.

To support your learning journey, we offer weekly check-ins to address any questions or concerns you may have. The program culminates in the TAP exam, a valuable assessment that will test your understanding of the course material and certify your readiness to embark on a career in travel.

If you are passionate about travel and eager to turn your interest into a fulfilling profession, we invite you to take the first step towards your dream career. Register now for more information and embark on an exciting journey in the world of travel. Your adventure begins here!